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How to start a small garden?
Most often then not, when you want to start a garden, you think of the final result. The picture of your yard flourishing with bushes and flowers dancing gracefully in the wind floats in your mind. Or maybe, it is a vegetable garden you have in mind. You visualise tomatoes, red and ripe... While it is good to have an ultimate goal in mind, never bite off more than you can chew. So basically what I mean is - start small!
Before even considering a big garden, it is much safer to find out how much work is involved in a small garden plot instead of being engulfed in huge plots of gardens in the future which you might not even want to look at it. It sure is tempting to get a tiller and till the garden, grass and all. Resist the temptation! Remove the grass. Use a square spade and cut 1 foot squares of sod and then use the square tip to lift the square of sod off the ground.

To ensure that there are no weeds, turn over the sod and inspect it. If the ground is really tough, soaking it with water might do the trick. Now, this is a good time turn you sod over mix it with some compost. Remember to keep the ground moisturised as you are working on it. Make sure the ground has plenty of water too.

Now that the ground is ready, are you ready to decide what to grow for your small garden? Keeping it simple is the best advice for anyone just starting a garden. Do not try to grow something unusual and exotic just to be unique. Realise that these plants might need special care and attention from you. Keep your creativity and innovative ideas to the layout of the small garden. Ensure that you will be able to reach the small garden's middle so that you can pull out weeds without stamping on your own plants.

Upon reaching home, position the plants in the garden roughly the spots where they will be planted and try to rearrange them. Doing this will help you visualise the garden layout and the potential results you can see in the future of your small garden. Rearrange your garden layout until you feel good about it. This will save you plenty of time and effort compared to rearrangements after you have already planted those plants.

After all that is done, you are now ready to plant! Get a pail of water and a scoop or cup. Dig a hole for each plant, ensuring that it is big and deep enough for each plant. Next, pour some water into the holes and pop in the plants. Gently pat the earth around the plant and tamp it down.

Behold. You have started your own small garden!

Resource :- The author is a small garden owner who shares his tips and advice on his own website Small Garden Online. Want to know more? Visit this site to know more about the above topic.

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